All Sui Objects Exposed Via GraphQL

Save yourself months of development time compared to building your own custom indexer; we’ve ingested all of Sui mainnet, enriched it, and made it queryable behind a powerful and simple GraphQL API.

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High-Performance Data Pipeline for Sui

Huracan’s ETL-worker can ingest 3,000 objects per second using a single thread. Our entire data pipeline adds less than a second of latency compared to a Sui Fullnode. And it’s all performant, opensource Rust code.



  • GraphQL Subscriptions

    Run a query, display a view, then refresh the results in real-time! Smooth as butter, thanks to persistent websocket connections pushing live Sui state-updates right into your client-app.

  • Kiosk Supported

    Find every object your users own, even if they’re locked away in a Kiosk on the other side of the planet. No need to understand complex, module-specific ownership logic! Phew.

  • Custom Queries

    Does your genius new module have some specific logic you wish other apps could understand? No problem; our GraphQL server is opensource, so you can write your custom queries and resolvers, then submit a PR to make them available to the entire Sui ecosystem, or keep them to yourself and run your own forked GraphQL server while ingesting our live Sui data.

  • Filter, Sort, Group

    Want to group a user’s objects by game? Sure. Want to sort a user’s objects by the last time they were last modified? No problem. Want to return only objects that are for sale, and sort them price? Easy peasy

  • Build With Huracan

    Leveraging the power of Huracan opens up a wide range of possibilities for building real-time apps.

    Use Huracan to Build:

       On-Chain Games
       NFT Marketplaces
       DeFi Apps
       Token Gating
       Blockchain Explorers
       Crypto Payments
       ...And Many More

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